shapeless-2.3.2 released!

shapeless-2.3.2 is out!

Twelve PRs merged and three issues closed from twelve contributors, two of them first-time … thanks to all of you!

See the full set of changes since 2.3.1 in the detailed release notes below …

This is the final release of shapeless-2.3.2. These release notes provide a summary of changes since shapeless 2.3.1.

12 pull requests have been merged and 3 issues have been closed and since 2.3.1 … the complete list can be found in the 2.3.2 github milestone for issues and PRs.

Prominent changes

  • Added Align operation and syntax for tuples (thanks to Peter Neyens).
  • Added PolyFill type class and fillWith syntax which generates an HList value from a Poly0 (thanks to Yang Bo).
  • Added Combinations operation and syntax for HLists (thanks to Ryo Hongo).
  • Added FromProductArgs and FromRecordArgs traits supporting mapping HList/record arguments to positional/named argument lists, dually to ProductArgs and Recordargs (thanks to Brian Zeligson).
  • Added an example of type level backtracking search (thanks to Olivier Blanvillain).
  • Added compileTime macro to measure compilation times (thanks to Frank S. Thomas).
  • Added support for Scoverage (thanks to Johnny Everson).
  • Added script for immediate access to shapeless on an Ammonite REPL.
  • Added preliminary support for SIP-23.

  • ZipConst now has an instance for HNil (thanks to Jolse Maginnis).
  • Refined typing of LiftAll result type (thanks to Jeremy R. Smith).
  • Typeable instances for reference singletons are now serializable (thanks to Daniel Urban).
  • Type inequality witnesses are now serializable (thanks to Andreas Koestler).
  • Optic builders are now serializable.
  • Fixed links to external Scaladoc (thanks to Yang Bo).

  • Added support for Scala 2.12.0-M5.
  • Bumped SBT to 0.13.12.

Source and binary compatibility

shapless 2.3.2 is source and binary compatible with 2.3.0 and 2.3.1.


Contributors for shapeless 2.3.2 are,

Many thanks to all of you and everyone else who has contributed ideas, enthusiasm and encouragement.