macro-compat-1.1.1 released

Despite being binary compatible with macro-compat 1.1.0, this release represents a major overhaul of the underlying implementation and a significant extension to the breadth of the support for 2.11.x style macros on 2.10.x. This has made it possible to fully support shapeless (as of version 2.3.0) with a single branch and no Scala version variant source. Given that shapeless contains some fairly large and sophisticated macros which exploit private internals of the macro API this is a significant milestone and suggests that macro-compat is ready for wider use.

I would especially like to thank Dale Wijnand for his relentless efforts adding support for features required by shapeless, and Chris Hodapp for his work on and inspiration in supporting access to macro internals.

Release notes follow …

These release notes provide a summary of changes since macro-compat 1.1.0,

  • Macro bundle rewrite now more closely matches 2.11.x structure, supporting bundle inheritance and companions.
  • Added to c.internal: newTermSymbol, polyType, setInfo, singleType, substituteSymbols, thisType, typeRef
  • Added c.internal.decorators (thanks to @dwijnand).
  • Added to Symbol: isAbstract, overrides (thanks to @dwijnand).
  • Added to Tree: nonEmpty (thanks to @dwijnand).
  • Added to Type: finalResultType, paramLists, typeArgs (thanks to @dwijnand).
  • dealias implementation match 2.11.x semantics.
  • Added support for use of internal ContextReporter (thanks to @clhodapp
  • Added support for 2.11 style ImplicitCandidate (thanks to @dwijnand).
  • Now uses macro-paradise 2.1.0.
  • Added 2.12.0-M3 to the cross build version list (thanks to @dwijnand)

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed ideas, enthusiasm and encouragement.