shapeless-2.2.5 released — now supporting Scala 2.12.0-M2

Another day, another shapeless release. This time Scala 2.12.0-M2 support, coproduct foldLeft, some Coproduct and Generic documentation and some tweaks to the build …

This is the final release of shapeless-2.2.5.

These release notes provide a summary of changes since shapeless 2.2.4. shapeless 2.2.5 is source and binary compatible with shapeless 2.2.0+ and should be binary compatible with shapeless-2.1.0 in most cases.

  • shapeless is now compatible with Scala 2.12.0-M2. Many thanks to Jason Zaugg for his assistance.

  • An implementation of foldLeft for coproducts has been contributed by Andreas Koestler.

  • Some much needed documentation for Coproduct and Generic has been contributed by Bryn Keller.

  • JDK 6 has been moved from the main Travis build matrix to a separate branch (jdk6-canary) and all published shapeless branches are built against JDK 8.

  • A build validation SBT command alias was contributed by Frank Thomas.

Many thanks everyone who has contributed ideas, enthusiasm and encouragement.